15 – 17 December 2015 – The 15th Annual Conference on the Developmental Agenda Beyond 2015 In Arab Countries

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The conference presented a realistic vision for the causes of failure in achieving the Millennium Development Goals in Arab countries. The conference took into account the features of the development goals beyond 2015, and emphasized the implementation mechanisms, including the political will and provision of human and material resources.

The conference focused on measuring mechanisms for the indicators of these goals, as well as evaluation mechanisms, and the establishment of a joint administrative information system for Arab States, so as to be fed with required data. This system will be used to issue reports and bulletins on the progress status in Arab States concerning the achievement of the development goals.

This conference proposed economic and social options in conjunction with a road map on how to review the suitability of such options; it provided strong mechanisms for addressing the developmental challenges up to the year 2030.

Experts to provided a deep review, redefinition of priorities and implementation methods for the development driving policies in the fields of trade and investment, and to employ and link them with the developmental goals beyond 2015.

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