3-4 October 2016: Better Policies for Inclusive Growth and Economic Integration in the MENA Region

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The 2016 MENA-OECD Ministerial Conference was held on the 4th of October in Tunis, Tunisia. Bringing together ministers of international co-operation, trade, investment and public governance, the conference provided a platform to discuss strategic responses to common challenges in the region and explore ways to boost inclusive growth, employment and better integration both at the regional and international level.

The region has experienced dynamic economic growth and investment rates during the first decade of the century; however, the recent impact of political instability and security threats has considerably slowed down economic prospects. Today, despite efforts made by governments to increase economic openness and private sector development, reforms have not succeeded in tackling deeper structural issues such as high unemployment, uneven development and unequal opportunities.

This challenging situation calls for a concerted and urgent response by the MENA economies, in collaboration with the international community, to regain stability and lay the foundations for a more open economy and inclusive development model.

MENA-OECD Initiative Forum on Governance and Competitiveness was held in Tunis on the 3rd of October. The Forum discussions focused on critical priorities of the region which informed the Ministerial Conference on the following day.