MENA-OECD Ministerial Week – Governance Forum
30 – 31 March 2021

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The International Conference “Vision for Recovery in MENA. Digital governance for more open, accessible and efficient public service will be held online on 31 March 2021 with the participation of Prof. Renato BRUNETTA, Italian Minister for Public Administration, Ms. Hasna BEN SLIMANE, Minister to the Head of Government in charge of Civil Service, Tunisia, and Mr. Jeffrey Schlagenhauf, Deputy Secretary- General, OECD.

The conference will see high level experts discussing how digital technologies improve the quality of public services and public administration, focusing on the needs of MENA countries needs for post-COVID-19 recovery. The list of speakers at the Conference includes the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Egypt; the Minister of the Interior and Safety, Republic of Korea; the Minister of Justice, Morocco; the Attorney General of Canada; the Minister of Justice, Palestinian Authority; and the State Secretary for Justice, Portugal.

The event is co-organised by the OECD and the MENA-OECD Training Centre of Caserta, hosted by the Italian National School of Administration (SNA), in the frame of the 2021 MENA-OECD Ministerial Week – Governance Forum  . The Ministerial meeting Designing a Roadmap to Recovery in MENA” will take place on 1st April 2021, when the five-year mandate of the MENA programme will be formally adopted.

The programme of the Forum will focus on the socio-economic recovery and on the support for institutional reforms in MENA countries, concentrating on strategies to ensure an inclusive and resilient post-COVID-19 recovery.

The MENA-OECD initiative in the five-year term 2021-2025 will be articulated in the two components of governance and competitiveness, and it will be supported by two OECD regional Centres: the Caserta Centre, focusing on training for good governance, and the newly-opened Istanbul Centre, focusing on competitiveness.