23-24 September 2013 – Supporting State Building Efforts of Libya and Fostering Good Governance

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The Seminar was jointly organised with the MENA-OECD Governance Programme, UNDP and the Ministry of Planning of Libya

The high level international seminar was organised upon the request of the Government of Libya and it targeted senior officials from the Ministry of Planning and other key public institutions directly involved in the current efforts to reform Libya’s public sector.

Participants benefited from being exposed to good practices and concrete cases presented by the OECD and by MENA countries, by the UNDP officials, and by peer experts from the public administration of Italy who shared their national experiences on how to successfully implement public sector reforms in priority areas of interest for the government of Libya.

Implementing public sector reforms that promote good governance are among the most pressing priorities of the Libyan Government and fundamental pillars of the on-going state building process. This event was an opportunity for Libyan officials to deepen their knowledge of international instruments and good practices in these fields. The seminar aimed at supporting Libya in formulating and implementing good governance policies to help consolidate the current democratic transition, promote citizens’ participation and the transparency and accountability of the public sector. Along these lines, the OECD guiding principles on open and inclusive policy making were also presented to introduce Libyan officials to the concepts of open and participative government and to the Open Government Partnership.

More than a traditional capacity building event, the seminar aimed at establishing a common platform through which to discuss and exchange concrete experiences among the participants. Knowledge sharing and mutual learning is expected to be generated through such exchanges and thanks to the rich and diverse combination of professional backgrounds that all the participants (speakers, government officials’ case study presentations, attendees, etc.) brought to the table.

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