25-28 March 2014 – Capacity Building Seminar on Public Finance Management and Public Procurement

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The seminar was hosted by the MENA-OECD Governance Programme Training Centre and was addressed to officials from the Libyan Ministries. The workshop aimed at providing participants with some strategic and practical insights on the way to best address public finance management challenges.

Two days were devoted to Financial and Budgetary Management to address the main issues related to performance-based budgeting and to the so-called public expenditure reviews.

The two days training seminar on Procurement aimed at providing a clear presentation of an effective and efficient implementation of public procurement procedures, by going through the main phases of the process and by focusing on the importance and benefits deriving from the use of digital processes and electronic negotiation tools (eprocurement).

During the seminar participants were involved, among others, in learning why and how Italy decided to reform the procurement sector in the year 1999. By reproducing the main conditions that steered the evolution of the Italian procurement scenario, and to assess, also critically, the decision-making process as well as the main results achieved so far, the main purpose is to identify a set of lessons learnt for public procurement decision makers that might be implemented in different institutional environments.





Mr. Efisio Espa – Public Expenditure Reviews International Experiences


Mr. Efisio Espa – Public Expenditure: Analysis and Evaluation


Mr. Efisio Espa – Public Finance Management: The Main Issues


Mr. Luciano Hinna – New Public Management & Spending review



Ms. Angela Russo – The Italian Centralized Public Procurement System


Mr. Luca Mastrogregori – The Italian Public eProcurement System



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